It’s almost time to head back to school, which makes this the perfect time to renovate spaces in your home to better accommodate your budding scholars. Improve storage and organization to keep study spaces clutter-free and efficient for buckling down with the books.

Transform Bedrooms for Better Studying
Make your student’s bedroom more comfortable for sleeping and more efficient for studying by adding storage and organization.
• Create a miniature study with a built-in desk, bookshelves, and a great desk chair.
• Install cabinets for additional storage of sports equipment, clothing, and bedding to keep the bedroom and study area free from clutter.
• Do you have an unused or underused bedroom? Transform it into a stand-alone study for the kids.

Improve Common Areas for Better Studying
Common areas can also be renovated to better accommodate students. For example, adding storage and organization to recreation rooms and kitchen spaces can improve the overall function of the room and make it a more efficient space for learning.
• Mount the rec room television and add custom storage to create a full media library. You can also make the TV an additional computer monitor.
• Turn a corner of your existing home office or home library into a kids’ study with custom cabinets and shelving.
• Update spaces kids naturally gravitate toward for studying, such as kitchen islands or the breakfast nook, with custom cabinet storage solutions.