Move over kitchens, the luxury bath remodel is here! A big trend since 2018 is a spa-like bathroom upgrade, most often in the master bath to create a retreat-like quality. With luxury bathroom upgrades you can make a spare hour on a weeknight feel like a staycation. Let’s take a look at some hot bathroom upgrades.

Showers vs. Tubs
When you picture your perfect bathroom does it have a huge, walk-in shower or a deep, luxurious bathtub—or does it have both? Some homeowners are skipping a tub in favor of oversized “shower rooms”—large walk-in showers are also a great choice (over tubs) for aging-in-place.
Bathtubs are still popular, and you can choose anything from an oversized soaking tub with jets to a vintage clawfoot tub decked out with an antique faucet.

Water Closet
It seems like a small thing, but separating the toilet from the rest of your bathroom space enhances privacy in an already private setting. Add design details like wainscoting, built-in shelves, and a hook to make it a fully functional as well as tie it in with the greater bathroom décor.

High-Tech Bathroom Upgrades
Just like your kitchen appliances, bathrooms are getting smarter. Integrated technology exists everywhere from your shower to your cabinets to your mirrors—think Wi-Fi enabled-showerheads for streaming, mirrors embedded with televisions, and ingeniously-lit cabinet interiors. Even toilets and toilet seats are getting an upgrade, adding remote control capability, heating elements, and bidet features.

Beverage Center
If you have the space and want a truly luxurious upgrade, consider adding a built-in coffee system or wine cooler to your master suite. Another trend for top-market bathrooms is the addition of a fireplace or wood-burning stove for the ultimate cozy atmosphere.

Adding Warmth
Add literal warmth to your bathroom with radiant floor heating and heated towel racks. Go all the way and install a Jacuzzi tub to complete your luxury spa bathroom experience.