Could your laundry room use an update? Updating or installing new cabinetry in your laundry room can improve efficiency and increase storage. Transform your laundry room with new cabinets, built-in countertops, and custom lighting.

Why Upgrade Your Laundry?
Your laundry room could be working harder and making your life easier! There are many great reasons to consider remodeling your laundry room:
• Upgrade to create a more energy efficient footprint
• A utility sink in the laundry room immediately makes the room “multipurpose”
• Even a simple upgrade like layered lighting can make the space more energy efficient. Layer the lighting for tasks just as you would for a kitchen.
• Create a Laundry/Mud Room
Tired of tripping over a tangle of shoes, or an errant backpack when you walk through the door? Add “mudroom” storage to increase organization and decrease clutter by creating a space where family members can store outerwear, school bags, and sports gear. If your laundry room space is located near an exterior entry, adding mudroom storage is a great option.
• Create a Pet Parlor
Let your laundry room do double duty—make it a pet parlor with custom cabinetry. Our pets come with a lot of gear and you can keep it all in one place when you install amenities like an island, food storage, built-in water fountain, washing station, and more. The extra counter space is perfect for folding when laundry day rolls around.
• Even More Built-In Storage

Consider a storage locker, which can be created as an extension to the Pet Parlor. This would be a great option for a pool house, or the doors leading inside from the pool, as well as an upgraded laundry space.