A kitchen renovation requires making a dizzying array of decisions and keeping track of a seemingly endless to-do list. If you do a little homework at the beginning, it will go a long way, helping you make decisions with confidence.

Base Knowledge: Standard Sizes
Did you know cabinets and drawers (as well as appliances) come in standard sizes? Base cabinetry comes standard at 24” deep, and 34” tall, but not all cabinetry is standard size. It’s important to ask about dimensions when shopping and comparing cabinetry. It’s not a bad idea to take a tape measure with you when you’re shopping so you can check (and double check) sizes yourself. Don’t forget to ask about the front size of the cabinets and drawers vs. the interior size as well.

Smooth Transitions: Drawer Function
When you’re looking for drawers, opt for full extension undermount drawer glides; they give you full access to the back and width of the drawer interior to maximize storage. While you’re under there, look at things like whether drawers are dovetailed or stapled and compare the thickness of the drawer’s bottom with its sides—you’ll learn a lot about construction quality when you inspect drawers.

Warranty Matters: Understand Your Protection
Ask about whether your cabinets come with a warranty, and what the warranty terms cover. Go one step further and ask how warranty issues are handled and ask for some specific examples.

•  Upper cabinets standard 13 inches deep, others (most) are 12 – larger plates fit in our cabinets
• European-style frameless no center stile, so you have full access to shelf
• Are shelves adjustable on uppers & lowers or fixed?
• Base cabinetry standard would come with full-size shelf not that half-shelf
• Look at/ask questions about the finish