Just in time for the holidays, it’s our “green” kitchen roundup. Fortunately, there are more sustainable choices than ever when it comes to home renovation; from materials to manufacturing processes to the appliances you install, going green is the way to go! “Sustainability” has been an emerging trend for kitchen renovations since 2019.

Use Sustainable Materials and Manufacturers
Homeowners aren’t simply in search of more sustainable materials, like bamboo or recycled glass countertops, when it’s time to renovate; they are also looking for manufacturers using sustainable practices. Our friends at Wood-Mode are committed to environmental stewardship, implementing responsible technologies and manufacturing processes.

Reclaimed Wood
Using reclaimed wood in kitchen renovations has been one of the hottest sustainability trends of the moment, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Potential uses for reclaimed wood include feature walls, islands, and ceiling beams—use your imagination!

Smart Lighting, and Smarter Appliances
Make “smart” choices about lighting and appliances. Upgrading to smart appliances can help you design a more sustainable kitchen. Options for redesign include:

  • Maximize natural light and increase energy savings by updating your windows.
  • Install layered lighting, including task lighting, to enhance design and functionality.
  • Installing dimmer switches and timers can also help reduce your electricity bills.