Light up your life with smarter home lighting design. If these longer spring days have brightened your mood, imagine the difference a lighting makeover could make in your home.

Lighting design is an important but often overlooked element of renovation, but things are changing. More homeowners care about lighting design in the kitchen, and throughout the home.

Long-Lasting LED
LED lights have come a long way, with improved color in your choice of cool or warm tones. Homeowners love to choose LED for their efficiency and low cost, and as lighting becomes “smarter” through wireless and app technology homeowners will have even more precise control over lighting no matter where they are. LED technology continues to improve and become more efficient, even as it becomes more affordable.

Even Smarter Lighting
Smart home technology dominates almost every room in the home. Not only are smart fans and smart switches cool, but they also make lighting more accessible and easy to integrate. Even chandeliers are getting a “smart” makeover with multi-directional lighting, dimming, and programming capabilities.

Warm vs. Cool Lighting
Early LED lights came in one color: a cool, bluish-white that some found too harsh. Today LED lights come in a wider range of pleasing colors in both warm and cool tones. Visit Cabinets & Designs to see a demonstration of warm versus cool lighting.