You’re not the only member of your family who will have to approve of your contractor—don’t forget the family pets! When planning a renovation, it’s important to think about and make proper arrangements for your dogs and cats, for their safety and the safety of the work crew.

Say Hello! Introductions All Around
It’s a good idea to introduce your pets to the workers who will be coming in and out of your house. If you have a dog or cat who doesn’t particularly like people, you may want to consider daycare or setting up an area of the house where they can stay while strangers work. The same goes for your too-friendly dog—if you think he will inhibit the work day, off to daycare!

Safe Spaces
If you want to keep your pets safely apart from construction zones and work crews, set up private areas for them, like a back bedroom or fenced-off section of the yard. Don’t forget to give your pet(s) a little extra exercise to make up for being sequestered during your renovation.

Pet Parlor? Why Not!
Since you’re already doing a bit of renovating, why not include a customized Pet Parlor in your project?