Some of the hottest trends aren’t confined to the kitchen, and that’s especially true when it comes to choosing glass surfaces. Whether you’re renovating a work space or updating the décor in your dining room, glass options are more beautiful, more opulent, and more varied than ever

Glass Countertops
Although trends in glass aren’t limited to the kitchen, that’s where we will start. According to Melanie, customers seeking high-end kitchen renovations are asking for glass countertops not just for the clean, contemporary aesthetic, but because glass is anti-microbial and very easy to clean.

“Unlike stone surfaces, which can absorb moisture and bacteria, glass is monolithic and will not,” Glass countertops don’t collect bacteria [like stone]. Many glass countertops are cast glass and are underpainted, or have a laminate color underneath—neutral greys, taupes, and whites are popular right now—and no color on the glass itself. Typically, homeowners are using glass countertops as an accent on the island, rather than the working counter, with or without a sink; it can be cut for a drop-in or undermount sink.”

In the Bedroom
Glass countertops are also making an appearance in the master suite, specifically in the master closet.

What to Know
Following are some tips when shopping for glass:
• In the kitchen think about moisture: You have to be mindful of moisture getting behind a wall finish [backsplash], which is [prevented] with silicone. Think about how much moisture that back-painted glass going to have to contact.
• If you’re shopping for antique mirrors, ask about the backing: The fabricator is all-important. Make sure you’re asking about the track record of the backing.”
• Know the fabricator and understand the process: We do the final measuring, the ordering, the installing, and each piece is designed per our drawings. The important thing is the source.