Designed to isolate and eliminate strong food and cooking odors through exhaust and ventilation, a spice kitchen could be your next home renovation project. A space near but set apart from the kitchen, a spice kitchen keeps fragrant spices compartmentalized from the main kitchen area.

Also referred to as “wok kitchens,” spice kitchens are gaining popularity on kitchen and cooking blogs, which may point to a growing trend overall. A spice kitchen might be right for you if:
• You cook with a lot of fragrant spices and ingredients
• You have an open concept design and want to contain strong cooking odors
• You prepare a lot of seafood/game meat

To thoroughly remove strong food and cooking odors, a spice kitchen will need to be separate from the main kitchen and have a powerful ventilation system. The addition of a small sink, stove, and countertop—plus custom storage—can create a secondary, functional kitchen.

Spice or wok kitchens do not call for “specialty” appliances; however, you can find appliances that will work better than others. Ventilation should be very strong to both prevent odor and triggering smoke detectors with high-heat cooking. If you are installing a cooktop, ask about high-heat appliances designed to keep up with high-heat or wok cooking.

Storage for your spice kitchen can be custom designed to exactly suit your needs. Work with a Cabinets & Designs kitchen designer to transform a walk-in pantry or unused space into a spice kitchen and get cooking!