Your kitchen designer is tasked with making your dream kitchen a reality. From managing your budget to managing your expectations, a kitchen designer has a lot on their plate—here are a few tips on how you can be a great client.

Tip #1: Have a Plan for the Space
Make a detailed list of activities you envision for your renovated space, so your designer can make appropriate choices in layout, storage, and materials. Think about and outline how you use that space now so your designer can understand where you’re starting from, and where you’re heading.

Tip #2: Be Organized
Don’t wait for the demolition crew to arrive before you start packing, labeling, and sorting items for storage. Consider what you’ll need to keep accessible during the renovation and keep those items handy, then store the rest in well-labeled boxes in an out-of-the-way area of the house. If you are short on space, rent a short-term storage unit until the renovation is complete.

Tip #3: Take & Bring Photos
Take lots of photos of your kitchen, and bring other photos of kitchens that inspire you to help your designer get a sense of your current style and your ideal end result.

Tip #4: Listen & Be Open to Suggestions
Take advantage of the experience and creativity a kitchen designer brings to a renovation and be open to their suggestions. Even if you have fallen in love with a design feature or specific material, a kitchen designer may have an alternate idea better suited to your lifestyle or vision—keep an open mind.

Tip #5: Nix Last-Minute Changes
Last-minute changes are bad for your renovation timeline, and your budget’s bottom line. Keep your designer informed about changes. They may be able to minimize delays and help you avoid budget-busting mistakes.