Cabinetry is not just for the kitchen and bathroom—in fact, you can update any space in your house with pieces from a custom cabinetry maker, that function like furniture. Whether you have an awkward space that requires a custom piece, or you just can’t find the perfect piece of furniture to meet your needs, custom freestanding cabinetry is a great solution.

Transform an entertainment space with a variety of options, for example:
• Add a bar in the living room so you don’t have to leave the party every time you mix a cocktail
• Serious wine collectors can add decorative storage with a wine hutch; even more serious collectors can add a wine cellar
• The addition of a fireplace and mantel to warm up a living room, bedroom, or library
These are just a few examples of how to transform an entertainment space with custom cabinetry. You can add wall storage, add a home theater, or even create a transitional space for entertaining with seating and amenities to keep guests comfortable while you prepare meals in the kitchen.

Perhaps you need more help “behind the scenes” at home, with increased and better organized storage options. You can create beautiful storage solutions custom-tailored to fit your needs with custom closets and wardrobe cabinets. Trying to find room for your things—or trying to just find your things will be a thing of the past with a sleek and functional custom closet solution.

Office Space
Update your home office, or create a new one, with the custom office and hobby solutions from Wood-Mode. Maximize your storage, efficiency, and flexibility with freestanding cabinetry for your office. Hidden convenience options allow you to customize the interior of your office drawers and cabinets just as you would in the kitchen.

If you’ve been searching for that perfect piece of furniture but you haven’t had any luck, it’s time to consider a freestanding cabinetry solution