Recently we talked about flooring; now we’re turning our attention to two other kitchen surfaces: the countertops and the backsplash. The process can vary and is sometimes confusing to homeowners. For example, you won’t always order your backsplash and your countertop from the same vendor, so delivery and installation times must be coordinated. Also, some places do the installation while others don’t—it’s a good question to ask up front when you start shopping for materials.

Tips for Picking Your Backsplash
• Make a splash with color vs. neutrals vs. patterns: Your kitchen designer can help you decide where to add “oomph” and where to keep it clean & neutral.
• Take measurements: Know the dimensions of the space you want to cover before you shop—don’t forget to measure height (to cabinets) as well as width.
• Consider the countertop: The backsplash and countertop are a visual pairing, so make sure they complement each other.

Many of the same rules apply to choosing your countertop: consider it against your backsplash options, know the measurements you need to order, and choose colors/patterns wisely for maximum visual impact. Popular options for countertops include stone, engineered stone, granite, wood, glass, and concrete. Other less common choices include stainless steel, copper, and even zinc. Work with a kitchen designer to choose the right material to suit your kitchen workspace and your personal aesthetic.