According to Cabinets & Designs President Maria Frank, there is one question homeowners ask on every project: “Do the floors go in before or after the cabinets?” It’s understandable—a renovation gets even less convenient when it’s time to put in new flooring, requiring extra logistics. If you Google “kitchen remodeling” the first suggested result is “floors or cabinets first”!

Maria says there is no one clear answer; however, whether you’ll install your floors or your cabinets first will largely depend on the scope of the project itself, including factors like:

• Whether the flooring will be wall-to-wall
• If you are changing the kitchen layout
• What type/material flooring you choose

When you’re choosing material for kitchen flooring some of the most popular options include hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and tile, as well as cement, bamboo, and even cork.

Hardwood floors are excellent in kitchen spaces; they’re durable, wearing well over time, and never look dated. On a tight budget? Vinyl might be the best choice. Options like bamboo and cork are eco-friendly, and cork is even slip-resistant. Work with a kitchen designer to decide on your layout and flooring material along with your cabinets to determine the installation timeline. Call Cabinets & Designs to make an appointment with one of our kitchen designers today!