The right lighting is important in every room of your house, including—and perhaps especially—your kitchen. Kitchens are where people gather to spend time, but they also function as a workspace in need of practical task lighting. A designer will help you create a plan to light your kitchen to perfection.

Layered Lighting
The first step to great kitchen lighting is layering. A single source of lighting won’t do in the kitchen, so instead add layers: One main overhead light, task lighting at food stations, and ambient lighting for that “warm glow” you want when entertaining.

Interior Lighting
Interior lighting for cabinets and drawers is a must. Interior lights illuminate every nook and cranny, giving you more usable space. The addition of interior lighting also adds depth and dimension when placed behind glass-front cabinets to highlight decorative china or stemware.

“You can order cabinets from the factory with the channels already there for a clean look,” says Cabinets & Designs president Maria Frank. “There is a drawer with an automatic interior light homeowners can’t get enough of right now. They’ve thought of everything from ease of wiring to ease of use.”

Lighten the Mood
Light helps set the mood, so consider other ways to create atmosphere with your lighting design:
• Install dimmers on overhead lighting
• A statement light fixture to add character
• Kickboard lighting adds ambiance and safety