Poor lighting is a common kitchen pet peeve, one that we often address during the course of a redesign and renovation. Ease and efficiency are a must for homeowners seeking to renovate their kitchen space, so lighting solutions should not only enhance the overall aesthetic, but they must also create better workspace(s) in the end.

It’s never been easier to light up your cooking life! Today you can tuck lighting into drawers, above cabinets, and along shelves with integrated LED lighting. If you’re purchasing Wood-Mode cabinets, you can request custom channels (within the manufacturer’s range) be added for integrated LED lighting; we particularly love this option for standalone custom pieces like a hutch, so fine china can be displayed to its best advantage.

Of course, integrated lighting also means improving ease and efficiency. No more digging in dark corners for that wine opener or vegetable peeler!

Task Lighting
Making sure you have enough light to work in the kitchen is always important. One of the big benefits of a kitchen renovation is having the opportunity to create a kitchen so it works harder than you do! Undercabinet lighting is an inexpensive way to give your favorite work station an illuminating boost—even if you aren’t renovating your entire kitchen.

Track lighting is another great option to help you focus more light on spaces that need it, while a decorative statement pendant over a kitchen island can add both efficiency and ambiance.